Serena’s Site Rules For Visitors

I’m not really a big fan of rules, but I feel like I better at least have some basic guidelines for this site. That way anybody who stops by will have an idea of what they’re getting into.”

🌹Serena Prince🌹 Posh Ambassador, Quora Author, 💋Cool-Ass Chick 💋

**Please Note We’ve Updated Our Site Rules, Effective 1/28/2020. Review Changes In Order To Remain Compliant.

Due to my twisted sense of humor and love of laughing my ass off, I often post content that may be offensive to people who have a stick up their ass.

If you happen to be one of those people, you need to leave now.

If you choose to proceed anyway, I am not responsible for replacing your underwear if I shock the shit out of you.

Or if you laugh so hard you pee on yourself.

Serena’s Site Rules For Visitors

Rule One: No Jackasses Allowed.

Not To Be Confused With Regular Ole Donkeys. Cause Donkeys Are Welcome Here.

Rule Two: A Twisted Sense Of Humor Is Required.

I want to believe the unicorn. But the little green men under the bed keep saying he’s full of shit. So I just don’t know anymore.”

Serena Prince On Instagram

Rule Three: Perverts Are Allowed.

Just Kidding. I Know I Don’t Look Innocent.

But Will Be Banned If They Send Me A Picture of Their Peckers.

(My Own Perversion Has Limitations.)

Rule Four: No Negative Attitudes Or Complaining About Stupid Shit.

Positive Attitudes Only 😂😂

Rule Five: No Narcissists Allowed (Except For Purposes Of Flogging.)

Rule Six: Common Sense Is Required.

Because Nobody Likes A Dumbass.

By The Way, Smartasses Are Considered V.I.P.’s Around Here.

Rule Six: Sarcasm Is Necessary, Encouraged, And Appreciated.

serenaprince375 Instagram Post

Imagine my surprise when the last guy said, ‘Oh Yeah, I Almost Didn’t Recognize You With Your Mouth Closed.’

Serena Prince

Rule Seven: Love Of Laughter Is Required. No Exceptions.

Rule Eight: No Sweeping.

I’m Still Traumatized From The Time I Accidentally Swept Up Grandpa Fred.

(May He Rest In Peace.)

Rule Nine: Must Be Willing To Do Some Shady Shit.


Maybe I didn’t actually buy the bus. But Grand Theft Auto sounds kind of bad. Anyway, who wants to join me?”

Serena Prince

That’s Not Fair, Serena!! You Got To Be Deaf Last Time.”

SexyErma Bombeck

Rule Ten: Or At Least Keep Your Mouth Shut When I Do Shady Shit.

Heyswankycity, Remember the time I . . .


Anyway, thanks for the help. I couldn’t have done it without you. Literally.”

Serena Prince

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15 thoughts on “Serena’s Site Rules For Visitors

      1. I go too far, sometimes… and I get in “trouble” for it, often. But, heck, I’m used to getting into trouble. Yep, twisted for sure. 🙃 Ha Ha. 🙃 (People either hate me or love me).

  1. Hey, you look really familiar. (Just kidding…lol). Thank you for finding my bloggish-thing. I followed you back, and look forward to reading your posts. I just read one, right now, on Malignant Narcissism, and I totally get where you’re coming from. Hugs!

      1. Awe, well be careful in that storm, and no need to answer right away, or anything. Don’t want you having to pull over on my account. That was really sweet of you, though. ♥️

        I also added your post about Quora to my Pinterest because I don’t want to forget to go back and check out your answers on there.

        I’m not a member of Quora, but if I need to become a member to read your answers, I might sign up!




      2. You are so cool!! Are you on Instagram? If you are, my username is serenaprince375. There’s a link to my Quora profile with all my answers on my site page on here.
        Plus you can google #serenaprince375 and it’ll take you to some web viewers that you don’t have to sign in to read all my posts.
        I’m so flattered that you want to read more of my work!! You really made my day!! I look forward to reading more of yours!! 💋💋

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